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Feb 2019
David Ferguson
Feb 18 21:08
I have a really weird issue where, at certain times in our application, I'll get an Uncaught TypeError saying that Undefined type undefined at show and then asks if I tried nesting Schemas. Is there anything else that I'm missing that would cause this error. I don't see anywhere where I'm nesting Schemas. I do have nested objects in areas but according to the documentation, that's perfectly valid. The only places I see that I have multiple schemas in use are being used within arrays, which, again are supposed to be valid. All the errors reference a single schema but it's the first alphabetically so I wasn't sure if an error just manifested there or if that file is the actual root of the error. The schema in seems to throw that error any time I assign something OTHER than a standard type. The show property I referenced above is just show: { type: Boolean, default: true }