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Jan 2015
José Manuel Nieto
Jan 08 2015 09:27
what about providing both solutions?
{Binding blahblabla}
{Observable blahblabha}
of course, the BindingExtension is the priority, but the other option could be great!
Steven Kirk
Jan 08 2015 10:54
Yes like I say it would be good to support them
José Manuel Nieto
Jan 08 2015 12:13
Hey, just for your information. To all: I'm not a native English speaker and I tend to miss some meanings, even key concepts!
I sometimes need rephrasing to understand well
but this is what i keep trying to say: strongly typed has no value to you because strongly typed only works at compile time!
I'm working completely dynamic for my part. No generics at all! It feels unnatural with XAML bindings
Steven Kirk
Jan 08 2015 14:35
sure, i understand!
what i mean is: typing only has value at compile time
if you need to resolve things at runtime, which is the case with markup
then you have to work with reflection, strings, and objects
which is why IMO INPC can't be improved for your situation
it works at the basic level of strings and reflection
type-safety exists only in the compiler
Steven Kirk
Jan 08 2015 14:43
all of the inventions like generics and expressions work great at compile time
but when you're using reflection, which is your only option when you're looking up properties by string for example
they just make things more difficult