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Jan 2015
José Manuel Nieto
Jan 21 2015 10:36
good morning!
pretty clogged today at work
swamped with shit
José Manuel Nieto
Jan 21 2015 10:45
I'm almost sure that there the template is only read once
I don't understand a lot about the whole templating system in WPF (internally)
for example, the sealing thing
Steven Kirk
Jan 21 2015 10:50
yeah, sealing is a bit strange to me. i'm hoping it won't be needed. just going for immutability.
José Manuel Nieto
Jan 21 2015 22:39
Hey, I've tried to go the way you told me
I've found several problems
Perspex DataTemplates are DataTemplate
the "default" templates are FrameworkTemplates
so no casting is possible
public class FrameworkTemplate : PerspexObject, INameScope, IQueryAmbient ...
I have forced it
public class FrameworkTemplate : Perspex.Controls.DataTemplate, INameScope, IQueryAmbient
José Manuel Nieto
Jan 21 2015 22:44
whoops, the application is completely frozen when run :S
well, I could send you the code
I don't know what is happening with it
it seems it requires breaking changes
TemplatedParent in Control