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Feb 2015
José Manuel Nieto
Feb 13 2015 16:26
hey, do you have problems with matrices, still?
Steven Kirk
Feb 13 2015 16:27
yeah, well with 2d transforms yeah
José Manuel Nieto
Feb 13 2015 16:33
could you tell us the problem?
some brief description? maybe somebody could pop up and say something :)
Steven Kirk
Feb 13 2015 16:33
to maintain the correct transform origin and clipping, i do the following:
  1. Push the transform
  2. Push the clip
  3. Draw the control
  4. Pop the transform
  5. Draw the children
  6. Pop the clip
This message was deleted
as you can see i push and pop the transform out of order with the clip
which can't be done in cairo!
i'm sure there's a simpler way of doing the whole thing
i've done the same thing in 3D many times and it's a lot simpler as in 3D the origin is at the center
Steven Kirk
Feb 13 2015 16:38
but having the origin in the top left causes problems with how a control's transform affects its children
Richard Simpson
Feb 13 2015 21:16
Apparently someone implement XAML in TypeScript and HTML: