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May 2015
Steven Kirk
May 07 2015 12:42
@ncarrillo this may be of interest to you concerning what you were working on with Cairo:
Nelson Carrillo
May 07 2015 13:57
looks like I'm somewhat on the right track then. Mono has its own retained object model for Paths, since Cairo doesn't provide one out of the box unlike D2D. And they use an ImageSurface to do the offline calculations for bounds
they seem to pass 0, 0 as a width and height, that may fix some of the issues I was having
Nelson Carrillo
May 07 2015 14:04
well actually
seems to be a cairo_path_t
Nelson Carrillo
May 07 2015 14:48
yeah it looks like cairo_path_t can be a pure data representation of a path.