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May 2015
Darnell Williams
May 13 2015 14:24
Are you using some of the more advanced annotations to improve performanc. Like aggressive inlining and such things?
Steven Kirk
May 13 2015 14:29
not yet
optimization will come later
though i need to fix the layout times now!
that's unacceptable
Darnell Williams
May 13 2015 14:54
hmm if optimization will come later, I say those times are fair. Maybe there is a simple solution to that (Concirrency?) which could speed it up.
Steven Kirk
May 13 2015 19:01
no, the problem is that controls are invalidating their measure/arrange when they don't need to
so it's doing the layout pass like 10 times
so fixing it isn't a matter of optimization, it's a matter of fixing ;)
i don't think concurrency can work tbh
there might be a way
Richard Simpson
May 13 2015 20:41
Reading that reminds me of reading about how web engine devs optimize HTML rendering passes
Not an easy task to be sure