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Jun 2015
José Manuel Nieto
Jun 14 2015 22:35 UTC
hey boys!
I've got a question!
I'm integrating OmniXAML with Perspex
but OmniXAML is a library
they are 2 projects
think of OmniXAML like a NuGet package
but as it's evolving so quickly, each time I would like to "refresh" Perspex with the latest changes, I should then create a new version of the NuGet Package.
Since I don't know an automatic way to do that, I would be losing a lot of time creating silly packages that have nothing more than a few changes
José Manuel Nieto
Jun 14 2015 22:43 UTC
is there a way to using OmniXAML as a "module" instead of a package?
Darnell Williams
Jun 14 2015 22:48 UTC
My way, which mind you can be complicated and usually only work with like a team or something, is to build it directly into your project and use git to maintain the code from Perspex (then working to make sure no changes are breaking) but it would be build in a manner that produces one library or application with no external assemblies :D
José Manuel Nieto
Jun 14 2015 22:52 UTC
thank you @imaBrokeDude ! but I think I have found the way!
could you, please, clone this and try to build it?
(in VS 2015 RC)
José Manuel Nieto
Jun 14 2015 23:06 UTC
If you have problems it's because VS's built-in implementation of Git doesn't support modules.
I have tried with SourceTree (an excelent GUI tool for Git and others) and it clones everything, including submodules
Richard Simpson
Jun 14 2015 23:07 UTC
My only issue with SourceTree is it has a bad habit of being slow.
José Manuel Nieto
Jun 14 2015 23:13 UTC
haha, maybe I'm working with small projects
for me it's just right
I use it where the integration in VS is not on par
by the way, if you try to clone and build the project (it often needs 2 attempts to be successful) it would be great!
tell me if it compiles
(clone it with other tool, not VS, since it seems it doesn't download submodules)
Thanks in advance :D