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Aug 2015
i absolutely had to write them as i'd completely forgotten why things were the way they were
took me about 2 hours to retrace my steps ;)
José Manuel Nieto
Aug 07 2015 10:22
great! I'll take a look!
Steven Kirk
Aug 07 2015 10:23
i'm not sure it will mean much to anyone but me, haha
but it's useful to have it written down even for me!
i have such a bad memory
José Manuel Nieto
Aug 07 2015 10:23
I'm sure it will have a good explanation
if it's useful for you, then it has at least one utility
José Manuel Nieto
Aug 07 2015 10:36
I have a blog (a bit unattened, lately) in which a posted all my notes)
and it was very useful!
(I posted everything that was difficult to solve)
(or easy to forget)