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Aug 2015
José Manuel Nieto
Aug 21 2015 21:49 UTC
Hey @grokys! I currently have 2 test applications apart from TestApplication. They are:
  1. XamlTestApplication, that is TestApplication, but using XAML.
  2. BingSearchApp: My original toy application that uses Rx and RxUI ported to use Perspex (and XAML)
Should I remove them from the PR?
also, I have a big doubt
regarding the PR, I could include ONLY the few changes I need you to apply to Perspex (main)
José Manuel Nieto
Aug 21 2015 21:54 UTC
I could include those changes PLUS the 2 news projects: Perspex.Xaml and Perspex.Xaml.Desktop
the first allows you to keep Perspex and the XAML functionality completely separated
the second implies that Perpex is more cohesive to the XAML functionality, so they could grow at the same time, as a unit
José Manuel Nieto
Aug 21 2015 22:01 UTC
the first one is more or less the approach of a XAML as a "plugin"
the second one is more like WPF's approach: WPF and XAML are understood together