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Nov 2015
Nikita Tsukanov
Nov 22 2015 00:56
@grokys I have a weird idea how to make our inspector web based
But it might just work
We may just render the whole window to RenderTargetBitmap
It won't even be a platform-backed window
Then we can send png frames on the wire using websocket or something
Websocket protocol is really easy to implement, I've done that once
So, basically, we'll only need TcpListener class
or StreamSocketListener from winrt
it can implement basic HTTP-server that sends html/js part to the browser
Nikita Tsukanov
Nov 22 2015 01:01
To simplify inspecting we can even render the main window to intermediate surface and send screenshots
Steven Kirk
Nov 22 2015 14:47
Is this so you could inspect on a mobile device?
Shahid Khan
Nov 22 2015 17:16
@grokys their is a ruby gitter room but i can't find it right now. you can get help about ruby their
Nikita Tsukanov
Nov 22 2015 22:15
@grokys yep