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Jan 2016
Nikita Tsukanov
Jan 03 2016 08:04
We need to package them first
Darnell Williams
Jan 03 2016 13:35
ANyone have time to help me with a WPF related question?
Darnell Williams
Jan 03 2016 13:54
I'm stuck beccause I have a tabcontrol that is populated at runtime so for some reason when textchanged is ran the change to the property is not always seen when i search either tree untill I switch to another tab back and then change the text

I have a control that hows a single value, when the text is changed and it does not match the initial value, needsupdate becomes true

when I search the logical tree of the tab control, it does find all of my controls but it does not see that needsupdate is actually true

If it helps any the tabcontrol starts off completely empty, then at runtimes the tabs are created like such:
            Control => NeedsUpdate = true;
            Control = NeedsUpdate = false;
however on the initial pass, it will see them all as false
Amer Koleci
Jan 03 2016 15:13
Hi guys, I just submitted SharpDX 3.0.0 update pull request
if anyone can merge
would be nice
Jan 03 2016 15:43
I'll take the lack of a response as a no, pitty.
Darnell Williams
Jan 03 2016 16:07
We have to wait for @grokys or @kekekeks to review before merging.
I'm sure they haven't gotten a chance to look yet, patience is key :)
Nikita Tsukanov
Jan 03 2016 16:08
You need to get appveyor build passing first
For now PR has merge conflicts so AppVeyor is unable to build it
Steven Kirk
Jan 03 2016 18:53
@amerkoleci sorry, I'm on holiday at the moment so I'm unable to check your changes
It's definitely something we want
I will take a look when I get home next week
Amer Koleci
Jan 03 2016 21:22
@kekekes Dunno why AppVeyor fails, i was able to compile with no problem