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Jan 2016
David Bottiau
Jan 07 2016 07:32 UTC
@kekekeks Ok, good job so !
Nikita Tsukanov
Jan 07 2016 12:04 UTC
@grokys is there something that prevents us from creating user control with generic type parameters?
You can't do that in WPF for some reason
XAML just won't work
Wiesław Šoltés
Jan 07 2016 13:23 UTC
I think this may be related to Xaml 2009
Jan 07 2016 14:34 UTC
just found something missing from perspex...
<RowDefinition Height="{Binding MemoryAreasVisible}"/>
not data context on RowDefinition!!!
unable to bind...
I know its not the right thing to do!
and a groupbox control
José Manuel Nieto
Jan 07 2016 16:58 UTC

You can't do that in WPF for some reason

It's very limited. You can just only provide generic type parameters for the top level object