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Jan 2016
Nikita Tsukanov
Jan 20 2016 01:15

I'd like to look at building something small-ish with perspex and embed that into an app that has its ui built in WPF

Embedding support is WIP

Currently we have some kind of embeddable windows, so you can actually host a perspex's Window inside WPF's HwndHost
But you need to manually rearrange stuff using user32!SetParent
Because of, well, historical reasons
Proper embedding support (which includes embedding external stuff to perspex window) needs us to implement something like GtkSocket/GtkPlug for our native win32 backend and some logic for keeping child window position in sync with wrapper control position
Darnell Williams
Jan 20 2016 03:09
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And some pen with animated dash lengh/interval
Basically this approach can be used for progress-bars of any form
Steven Kirk
Jan 20 2016 09:44
that's pretty cool
Nikita Tsukanov
Jan 20 2016 10:00
The tricky part is to compute path's length
we don't have required api in perspex
That guy used this code:
I'll ask him if we can get that stuff licensed as MIT
Built-in path-based progress-bar would be cool
Steven Kirk
Jan 20 2016 12:27
yeah, it's quite s specialist thing though, and could probably be implemented easily enough in the template if we had the api
Nikita Tsukanov
Jan 20 2016 12:41
It can be used for that circle progress bar
that's used for mobile
Something like that
Wiesław Šoltés
Jan 20 2016 14:17
The WPF way (found somewhere on internet)
^ is perhaps something for perspex
Nikita Tsukanov
Jan 20 2016 16:53
Mkay, I've convienced that progressbar guy to release it under MIT license
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@JohanLarsson We won't have shader support for a really long time
Johan Larsson
Jan 20 2016 17:26
Ok, understandable that it is low prio