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Mar 2016
Darnell Williams
Mar 20 2016 02:22
I see what your are doing, and I am doing it incorrectly.
Ivan Kochurkin
Mar 20 2016 10:08
Expander bug.png
Does anybody know what this bug related to?
Dark background of Expander header in expanded state?
Steven Kirk
Mar 20 2016 14:28
@Seeker1437 the documentation for MouseDevice.Instance.Position says:
/// <summary>
/// Gets the mouse position, in screen coordinates.
/// </summary>
Steven Kirk
Mar 20 2016 14:39
@KvanTTT not seen that bug before, is it easy to reproduce?
Jeremy Koritzinsky
Mar 20 2016 21:38
@grokys I got the refactoring we talked about working. Take a look at #476.