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Jun 2016
Darnell Williams
Jun 25 2016 03:07
Weird this room has been dead?
Steven Kirk
Jun 25 2016 11:00
Yeah, sorry I've been having a few days off avalonia after the virtualization support - needed a break!
normal service will resume shortly ;)
Darnell Williams
Jun 25 2016 12:06
Sure np lol
I know how it is
Andrey Kunchev
Jun 25 2016 14:35
@grokys Separated the PR #567 to 2 PR's #570 and #569 , there are unit tests for the hit testing problem, hope it's clear enough
Steven Kirk
Jun 25 2016 15:18
thanks a lot @donandren ! Will take a look asap
Jun 25 2016 16:05
I've tested Avalonia Control Gallary on a Linux Ubuntu 14.04 machine with Mono, but it does not work....
There are lot's of "(ControlCatalog.Desktop:13556): GLib-CRITICAL **: Source ID 21678 was not found when attempting to remove it" errors in the terminal"!
Can someone confirm this error?
Jeremy Koritzinsky
Jun 25 2016 18:09
@grokys @kekekeks I fixed up opacity masks on Skia. They work correctly now.