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Jun 2016
Matthijs ter Woord
Jun 29 2016 12:33
Thing with appveyor is you don't need infra (server, setup the server, public access to the server, etc)
Reed Copsey, Jr.
Jun 29 2016 18:25
@mterwoord You don't with either ... ?
it works almost identically - it's really just different setup steps
Steven Kirk
Jun 29 2016 21:24
Is it possible for a person without commit access to try setting up Travis/Jenkins?
It's be great if someone could...
I'm busy with conferences and meetings for a few weeks so not sure how much time I'll have
Jeremy Koritzinsky
Jun 29 2016 22:08
You need admin access to the repo for the webhooks but everyone who has commit access has admin on the repo. So any of us with core access can.