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Jul 2016
Darnell Williams
Jul 12 2016 01:02
Hehehe i have a mac myself. What kinds of I think I want to
Sorry siri failed me
i was trying to say, i have a mac myself, what kinds of things could I help do to make Avalonia better on mac
Jeremy Koritzinsky
Jul 12 2016 01:25
If you're looking for stuff to do on a Mac id suggest adding a Mac based windowing platform to help support when we add accessibility
Jul 12 2016 09:20
hey guys, finally I'm back
System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Reactive.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral,
from omnixaml, has ReativeUI been updated?
Jul 12 2016 09:28
Additional information: Error loading XAML: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'Avalonia.Xaml.Interactivity.Interaction' threw an exception. ---> System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Reactive.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35' or one of its dependencies. The located assembly's manifest definition does not match the assembly reference. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131040)
@jkoritzinsky is this an issue with omnixaml or with Perspex?
Jul 12 2016 09:49
@wieslawsoltes seems to happen when I use interaction.behaviours in xaml, have you seen this issue?
Jul 12 2016 10:11
seems I had a mix of 4.5.1 and 4.5.2 projects now they ae all 4.5.1 the problem went away
Wiesław Šoltés
Jul 12 2016 10:31
@danwalmsley Did you update XamlBehaviors to latest version? Avalonia has been updated to Rx 3.0 so XamlBehaviors need to be updated too.
And with Rx 3.0 package names for Rx have changed, I had to uninstall old packages manually and install Avalonia again.
Jul 12 2016 14:29
@wieslawsoltes seems like thats the issue, thanks
Jul 12 2016 21:15
anyone know if that perspex vs extension works with vs 2015 update 3? I installed it and I don't see a perspex section anywhere in the new project dialog.
Steven Kirk
Jul 12 2016 21:28
Just did an interview with scott hanselmam for channel 9!
@kemmis_twitter hmm strange - yes it should work
Jul 12 2016 21:36
I think it's working for me now... it just took a lot of searching to find the perspex app template... had to select the c# node to make it show up
Nikita Tsukanov
Jul 12 2016 22:06
There is a search box in project creation wizard
Jeremy Koritzinsky
Jul 12 2016 22:35
@grokys I guess I'm going to finally watch a channel 9 video!
Jason Jarvis
Jul 12 2016 22:39
Congrats @grokys , you deserve the recognition!