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Aug 2016
Aug 02 2016 08:24
@donandren hey, was wondering since you seem to be doing losts of testing on virtaulized list

have you seen odd issues where sometime the first or first/last items in the listbox don't get recycled correctly, i.e. they are left displaying the old value?

I see this quite regularly on my intellisense, but cant find a solid repro, its like an intermittent thing

Andrey Kunchev
Aug 02 2016 09:06
@danwalmsley nope but found something similar to that for Not virtualized list in issue #636
and #635
Darnell Williams
Aug 02 2016 16:09
@grokys I thought I could do #624 I think I bit off more than I can chew :(
Steven Kirk
Aug 02 2016 20:39
@Seeker1437 maybe you should take a look through the up-for-grabs issues to find something a little simpler
@wieslawsoltes i've not really been involved with the skia stuff so i can't really provide any useful feedback
Steven Kirk
Aug 02 2016 22:39
@danwalmsley @donandren the listbox bugs should now be fixed except for the horizontal scroll one
thanks for the reports and the fixes! it's really appreciated!
Aug 02 2016 22:53
@grokys I added a comment about the null check one
From when I tested it, Controller was null not the virtualizing panel
Steven Kirk
Aug 02 2016 22:54
Controller? you mean VirtualizingPanel.Controller?
in the Dispose method?
it shouldn't matter if that's null - we're not taking the value of a member of that or calling a method on it
how would it cause a null reference?