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Aug 2016
Steven Kirk
Aug 09 2016 08:50 UTC
@nc4rrillo it looks like #674 introduced 3 failing cairo render tests
CI has been failing ever since
@jkoritzinsky merged it saying that CI was failing due to one of the tests that randomly fails but that doesn't seem to be the case...
i think probably just the .expected images will need to be replaced with the .out images
Jeremy Koritzinsky
Aug 09 2016 12:18 UTC
The CI tests that failed on the PR weren't these tests. It was that random binding converter test.
But I agree that we probably just need to update the images
Steven Kirk
Aug 09 2016 12:19 UTC
yeah, strange that when merged to master other tests started failing
Nelson Carrillo
Aug 09 2016 12:29 UTC
I will get that done today and also make the render test for the corner radius PR