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Aug 2016
Aug 14 2016 00:55 UTC
@Seeker1437 Is that another Diff/Merge tool?
If so ya I could add support for it (Windows only though it looks like)
Also is there an official site for that one? All I see are 3rd party download sites... which I have a hard time trusting they are safe and have the newest version
Aug 14 2016 01:13 UTC
nvr mind.
Aug 14 2016 01:54 UTC
What is the correct way to set a app ico file?
As it is now my .ico file looks fine in a WPF app in the top-lelt corner of the window but not with Avalonia via Icon="resm:GitItGUI.Icons.AppIcon.ico?assembly=GitItGUI"
and app icon settings in the C# proj have no effect. So maybe there is a bug that doesn't use lower level mipmap versions of the icon file
Darnell Williams
Aug 14 2016 03:34 UTC
Hey @zezba9000 they do have an official site, they offer a free and paid versions I believe
Nvm just paid
It runs on windows/mac/linux is the official site
Steven Kirk
Aug 14 2016 09:22 UTC
@zezba9000 could you file an issue with the icon problem, including screenshots?
Darnell Williams
Aug 14 2016 13:47 UTC
Welp there was a new insider build released last night, it took my system down.
Matthijs ter Woord
Aug 14 2016 13:48 UTC
fast ring?
Darnell Williams
Aug 14 2016 16:05 UTC
Yeah, I didnt meant to be on it either
I wanted slow ring xD
Aug 14 2016 19:39 UTC
@Seeker1437 I only see a trial but its very easy to add more usually so shouldn't be an issue.
@grokys AvaloniaUI/Avalonia#684