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Nov 2016
Steven Kirk
Nov 01 2016 18:56
does anyone have any objections to AvaloniaUI/Avalonia#789 ?
Darnell Williams
Nov 01 2016 19:02
I say at least keep the control catalog
Otherwise no other objects
Jeremy Koritzinsky
Nov 01 2016 19:05
I think it's must removing TestApplication, not the other ones
Darnell Williams
Nov 01 2016 19:07
Oh then no objections. Sorry the change is big enough that my ipad wont let me see the changes without the page crashing
Steven Kirk
Nov 01 2016 19:13
removing TestApplication and XamlTestApplication
Nikita Tsukanov
Nov 01 2016 20:09
Wiesław Šoltés
Nov 01 2016 20:10
@grokys ControlCatalog is missing some parts from XamlTestApplication like lists, some layouts and there are no animations also
Steven Kirk
Nov 01 2016 20:28
yeah we should add the missing controls
animations i intend to be in the RenderTest sample