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Jan 2017
Steven Kirk
Jan 07 2017 08:22
@jkoritzinsky not sure, it doesn't ring a bell with me
Jan 07 2017 12:19
Hello. Default button hasn't visual difference with other button. Bug or not implemented?
Jan 07 2017 13:37
@grokys you about? Iv added a control an application, but ontemplate applied is never getting called
ok silly me, It was because I hadn't loaded its theme!
Steven Kirk
Jan 07 2017 13:44
Oh good :) couldn't have helped anyway because I'm in IKEA ;)
Steven Kirk
Jan 07 2017 18:36
@wieslawsoltes @donandren could you try out AvaloniaUI/Avalonia#839 when you get time to see a) if it fixes the horizontal scrollbar and b) doesn't break anything else
Andrey Kunchev
Jan 07 2017 21:13
I'll give it a try this week. is it fixing the issue with horizontal listbox #633 and the unit test in #642 ?
Wiesław Šoltés
Jan 07 2017 21:46
@grokys AvaloniaUI/Avalonia#839 Tested PR and it fixes the issues with scrollbar and does not seem to break anything else :)
Steven Kirk
Jan 07 2017 21:46
great! that's good enough for me ;)