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Jan 2017
Jan 11 2017 00:00 UTC
its the visual studio extension
if you use vs2015 you can search under extensions and updates
for Avalonia
and install it
then you get the designer
don't blame me though if it makes you want to throw your laptop out the window!
Steven Kirk
Jan 11 2017 03:23 UTC
Steven Kirk
Jan 11 2017 03:51 UTC
@jkoritzinsky the scenegraph branch is nearly done hopefully, the remaining things to do are listed in the PR #827
Jeremy Koritzinsky
Jan 11 2017 03:54 UTC
Any chance we can break out some of the smaller changes (like the d3d11 stuff specifically) into a separate pr? I'll put it together myself if you want.
Steven Kirk
Jan 11 2017 05:55 UTC
hmm yeah that might be possible
please give it a try if you want!
Darnell Williams
Jan 11 2017 11:49 UTC
I will most likely take a look at the designer again, I have to use it and it does have it's issues
I can also see about upgradeing it for 2017RC
That sound okay with you @grokys ?
Steven Kirk
Jan 11 2017 11:50 UTC
yeah, please do take a look! it definitely needs a lot of work
maybe don't upgrade to 2017 yet though - the vsix format has changed
Jeremy Koritzinsky
Jan 11 2017 18:06 UTC
@grokys I just put out the PR for the swap chain change. It's in #850
Jeremy Koritzinsky
Jan 11 2017 21:29 UTC
@SuperJMN What's the status on the OmniXAMLv2 integration?