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Jan 2017
Jan 16 2017 00:41 UTC
@grokys, the styles in question were in a file with a template but not beneath the template tag
Ill see what happens if I move them
By template tag i mean Setter for Template property
Nikita Tsukanov
Jan 16 2017 19:11 UTC
Guys, that new msbuild tooling for .net core is awesome.
Using it right now with asp net core project and quite happy about that
Brad Jones
Jan 16 2017 19:36 UTC
@kekekeks which tool is that?
Nikita Tsukanov
Jan 16 2017 21:05 UTC
@bradjonesca Basically they've added support for multitargeting and nuget references in msbuild
Oh, it no longer needs to have every cs file included explicitly
Looks somewhat like this
It's included in VS2017RC and you need .NET Core SDK preview4 (which is also included, I think)
Nikita Tsukanov
Jan 16 2017 21:10 UTC
It also stores nuget packages in %USERPROFILE%/.nuget/packages instead of solution directory
Jeremy Koritzinsky
Jan 16 2017 22:13 UTC
Only problem I've noticed so far with that tooling is its extremely difficult if not impossible to get it to target uwp successfully. I could get it to build but it couldn't resolve any nuget packages