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Feb 2017
Feb 28 2017 11:25
hey everyone! have you heard the good news? Mono is being ported to WebAssembly: Avalonia uses Mono, correct? So that means Avalonia will be on WebAssembly once complete?? :)
Nikita Tsukanov
Feb 28 2017 13:57
We still need something to render with
Hopefully it will be possible to build skia for webassembly target
In this case we'd even be able to utilize webgl
It should be possible to use this to output rendered bitmap in sw-rendering mode
Feb 28 2017 17:35
@kekekeks :+1: exciting times ahead :)
FWIW the natives are getting restless and are looking for a place to consolidate efforts. i've sent them your way (comments here:
having WebAssembly support would round out the idea that this vote is aiming for (now sitting No.2 of all open votes in VS's list)
Nikita Tsukanov
Feb 28 2017 17:58
The problem with webassembly
and avalonia
is that we probably won't be able to use "native" textboxes
So it would be something flash/silverlight-like
I'm planning to create an online demo with server-side rendering and transferring image data through websockets
So people will be able to see how it feels to use such UI
Steven Kirk
Feb 28 2017 21:36
@kekekeks in AvaloniaUI/Avalonia@ad73e7f on scenegraph i'm sending resize and paint notifications to the renderer
would this be sufficient hooks to get GTK rendering working?
i know you mentioned that drawing to an offscreen bitmap could be done as an implemention detail, but i'm assuming you'd need at least the paint notification to paint to the window itself