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Apr 2017
Nikita Tsukanov
Apr 01 2017 02:27
Actually you don't need to do that on linux either
just don't use mono and you'll be fine
Apr 01 2017 17:12
anyone having issues with Avalonia.Gtk3 on OSX? I keep getting “unable to connect to signal commit” errors on start...
Apr 01 2017 17:18
.net core avalonia app...
Apr 01 2017 18:15
Oops, it looks like it’s a CefGlue issue. :(
Ivan Kochurkin
Apr 01 2017 19:56
ControlCatalog from artifacts is not working on Win 7 again
Apr 01 2017 19:58
@curea So does Avalonia now support .NET Core?
can I move my project to be .NET Core only in VS 2017 or VS for mac for example?
Darnell Williams
Apr 01 2017 23:25
does anyone have access to the avalonia myget?
This message was deleted