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Apr 2017
Eli Arbel
Apr 13 2017 09:43
@grokys Thanks. I'll have a bunch of issues to report after this project.
I've made some progress!
The cursor isn't positioned well, and selection doesn't work yet ;) But I've converted the entire AE codebase to Avalonia.
Steven Kirk
Apr 13 2017 14:21
oh wow amazing!
Apr 13 2017 15:56
@aelij is that your port of avalonEdit working?
I remember having similar issues like that
SÅ‚awomir Kozok
Apr 13 2017 16:05
hello, just small question
Is there something similiar to RichTextBox?
im asking beacuse i cant find any user friendly docs for AvaloniaUI
Nikita Tsukanov
Apr 13 2017 17:47
There is no such thing, unfortunately
Eli Arbel
Apr 13 2017 18:10
@danwalmsley Yep
@grokys Do you think I could host the repo for AvaloniaEdit under the AvaloniaUI org? :)
Apr 13 2017 18:13
@aelij will it still have compatible api to original Avalon edit? I.e. Support margins, and being able to render thing inline?
Or did you have to modify it heavily?
Apr 13 2017 19:50
@aelij btw @jkoritzinsky has created some Roslyn analysers that can automatically transform wpf dependency properties, and stuff like that into avalonia ones (I think that's what they do)
it might help you porting Avalon edit
Jeremy Koritzinsky
Apr 13 2017 19:51
Fyi the property converter works really well but the type converter is a little buggy
Eli Arbel
Apr 13 2017 21:17
@danwalmsley A bit too late... I've done all the conversions manually :)
It should be nearly equivalent to AvalonEdit. I'll make a list of what I had to comment out.
By "render inline" do you mean UI elements inside the editor (e.g. a button)? I haven't tested this but it should work. I've copied the WPF model of TextRun classes.
Apr 13 2017 21:31
@aelij oh wow, great work!
Apr 13 2017 22:22
@aelij have you pushed your code to a repo so I can try it out?