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Apr 2017
Matthijs ter Woord
Apr 19 2017 08:04
does avalonia-on-linux-framebuffer support hardware acceleration?
Darnell Williams
Apr 19 2017 17:56
Is TabControl or will TabControl be virtualized?
Apr 19 2017 18:31
It has a property to enable or disable virtualization
Its used in AvalonStudio if you search there for tabcontrol there should be an example
Its not a simple true or false property as far as i can remember
Nikita Tsukanov
Apr 19 2017 18:56
@mterwoord obviously, no
framebuffer by definition is a memory region to render to
For hw-acceleration we need to somehow wrap up DRM and DRI
And we need wayland-compatible drivers to do that
Since only them provide proper EGL without X-server