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Jun 2017
Jun 24 2017 08:54
Have you seen a lot of the upcoming transparency effects coming in UWP? Can avalonia already do stuff like that?
Steven Kirk
Jun 24 2017 10:41
no, i've not seen them
Matthijs ter Woord
Jun 24 2017 13:07
@kekekeks How much work would 2) switch to Avalonia.IDE in AugmentCompletionSession (by including it as a submodule or something) be?
(for me doing it...)
Nikita Tsukanov
Jun 24 2017 14:23
Probably not much
Completion mostly mirrors one from VS API
Or just work on Avalonia.IDE directly and wait for me to include it into VS extension
Switching to AvaloniaEdit in Editor.Avalonia would be also very nice