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Jun 2017
Nikita Tsukanov
Jun 28 2017 05:37

btw have you had chance to look at scenegraph

My current plan:
1) take a look at scenegraph
2) integrate Avalonia.IDE project to VS extension as promised to @mterwoord
3) finish LayoutManager PR
4) finish new WPF integration

wow vs2017.3 preview 3 is so much faster! no more hangs!

So we can switch to it and merge MonoMac backend, right?

Steven Kirk
Jun 28 2017 17:36
i'd still rather wait until 2017.3 is properly out - i don't think it should be long now
Steven Kirk
Jun 28 2017 22:48
i think we might have to target netstandard1.3 - i'm trying to port Avalonia.Direct2D1 over now that SharpDX has a netstandard package and FileStream isn't available on netstandard 1.1
Portable.Xaml also requires 1.3
Curtis Wensley
Jun 28 2017 22:49
Yeah no choice there, xml serialization isn't in < 1.3
Jeremy Koritzinsky
Jun 28 2017 22:53
Target 1.1 for most of core and 1.3 where needed?
Steven Kirk
Jun 28 2017 22:55
yeah we could do, but would that gain us much? not having markup would make it pretty much useless to most people
we should probably just target netstandard2.0 when it's out, and .net 4.5