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Aug 2017
Nelson Carrillo
Aug 03 2017 00:50
Milosz Kukla
Aug 03 2017 11:14
Hello, I wanted to ask did you consider following WPF api instead of having your own in order to allow huge amount of WPF libraries/tools work on Avalonia? I'm aware that it's not possible to implement entire WPF with existing resources but from perspective of component vendor I would prefer to implement missing classes in Avalonia that my component needs instead of creating and mantaining two separate codebases for each toolkit. I think it's a big point in terms of adoption and success.
Nikita Tsukanov
Aug 03 2017 16:48
We are trying to keep things mostly compatible when possible
But some parts of WPF are just bad and/or outdated
Matthijs ter Woord
Aug 03 2017 17:26
or some aspects could be better: i love the selectors stuff..
Aug 03 2017 17:33
@grokys @kekekeks did i see some kind of setting somewhere once for the entire window, to set like snap to pixel or pixel rounding to give better graphics?
@miloszkukla yeah i can see that it would be a pain. as @kekekeks said we try to keep it similar where possible, though at the start of the project that was less of a concern
thing is, avalonia was originally trying to implement the WPF API, and i just wasn't enjoying it because the WPF API sucks in places
so i decided to do something a bit different, for fun
i never really imagined it would end up where it is now - if i'd known, i would probably have been more careful to keep things compatible
Aug 03 2017 17:38
@grokys thanks, i was wondering if #709 will ever get merged?
I mean #722
I still see some weird shit happening with itemvirtualizer
Il test with this commit to see if it improves things
Steven Kirk
Aug 03 2017 17:52
i'll fix it if i can get a repro
don't really want to merge that PR without an accompanying test though, changes need to me made to the item virtualizer with a lot of care ;)