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Aug 2017
That convention-based BuildWebHost seems to be a good idea
We can use it for the new previewer
Jeremy Koritzinsky
Aug 26 2017 14:31
ReactiveUI has a .Net Core build now that works. Once it releases on NuGet we can pull it down again.
Steven Kirk
Aug 26 2017 19:16
ok, Control.Resources, StaticResource and DynamicResource PR is now ready for review: #1130
Darnell Williams
Aug 26 2017 22:29
Steven Kirk
Aug 26 2017 22:40
@kekekeks Inspect on CI is currently failing everything with PossibleNullReferenceException - src\avalonia.controls\textbox.cs on line 258
Nikita Tsukanov
Aug 26 2017 22:46
You are checking for Text?.Length > 0
I guess that's why
But it shouldn't
Does resharper in VS give the same result?
Could you provide me with a link to particular build?
Steven Kirk
Aug 26 2017 23:02
here's one - it's doing it on pretty much every PR though: