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Aug 2017
Matthijs ter Woord
Aug 28 2017 06:50
@grokys the bottom-line with Is<state> properties, "mapping" to selectors, is that if wpf has them, avalonia should have them?
Steven Kirk
Aug 28 2017 08:11
yeah, i think so, probably?
Matthijs ter Woord
Aug 28 2017 08:12
just asking for general mindset :)
i think, even if binding to a selector (like the :pressed one) is possible with the behaviors, for lots of things that's way too complex.. imo
Stano Turza
Aug 28 2017 18:25
hi, did you see that maybe something to replace skia in future
Nikita Tsukanov
Aug 28 2017 18:26
AmanithVG is a commercial implementation of OpenVG 1.1 and 1.0.1
not likely
BTW, about commercial projects
AmmyUI is now free and MIT licensed
So it might be worth to provide a better support for it from our side
OpenVG itself looks promising
The problem is that this technology has been there for a decade
And I don't see any good OSS implementations
Stano Turza
Aug 28 2017 18:47
oh yeah, maybe i should read something about it before posting ;) ... library itself seems to be pretty old but with another licence it could be something interesting