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Oct 2017
Darnell Williams
Oct 17 2017 05:15
Ha I was working on Calendar for a while but then I had a thing
Nikita Tsukanov
Oct 17 2017 11:16
@jkoritzinsky @grokys should we revert portable.xaml change?
it breaks avalonstudio
Oct 17 2017 11:17
im going to submit an issue / repro at somepoint today
Darnell Williams
Oct 17 2017 16:11
Curious if there will be a day that Golang can use avalonia :D
Nikita Tsukanov
Oct 17 2017 16:12
It won't
Go lacks certain concepts and language features
I thought about language interop, it's possible to create some kind of a shim that would provide a native library with C API
But it's kinda pointless, because we can't properly express properties, events and generics that way
So in order to use Avalonia one has to run code on top of CLR
Nikita Tsukanov
Oct 17 2017 16:17
It should be possible to use from IronRuby/IronPython, so we got these languages somewhat covered
Oct 17 2017 23:23

appveyor say:
Package Avalonia.ReactiveUI 0.5.2-build4115-alpha is not compatible with net461 (.NETFramework,Version=v4.6.1). Package Avalonia.ReactiveUI 0.5.2-build4115-alpha supports: netstandard2.0 (.NETStandard,Version=v2.0)

But project build and run in vs2017. Need configure something?

Nikita Tsukanov
Oct 17 2017 23:44
Probably something wrong with SDK version