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Dec 2017
Jeremy Koritzinsky
Dec 18 2017 03:43
@danwalmsley Can you take a look at #1329 and see if it fixes #1326?
Matthijs ter Woord
Dec 18 2017 07:03
@danwalmsley I'm asking because my project doesn't work with latest master..
Dec 18 2017 10:36
@mterwoord oh you mean latest master avalonia?
it wont work with direct2d at all
but with skia I think its ok
will compile latest and try
Matthijs ter Woord
Dec 18 2017 10:37
sorry, yes, latest avalonia master
didn't dig too deep, but suddenly my detail views dont get displayed
(they do get created though)
Dec 18 2017 12:54
@grokys more template updates