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Dec 2017
Dec 19 2017 14:58
@mterwoord are templates getting applied?
do you have a link to code?
Matthijs ter Woord
Dec 19 2017 15:02
no link to code. closed source project
we could do a screen share if you want..
(other time)
some templates are getting applied though
Matthijs ter Woord
Dec 19 2017 15:46
it seems to be related to usercontrols..
my usermodel is loaded fine, but in the devtools, the visual tree stops at my usercontrol class
Steven Kirk
Dec 19 2017 18:31
excellent @cloudRoutine
one thing maybe to note: if xaml seems clunky you can create your UI using code in C# using a syntax reasonably close to xaml; i imagine you can do it in F# even nicer
Jared Hester
Dec 19 2017 18:33
that's actually what i do most of the time for WPF
hopefully it won't be too much work to add support for avalonia into the FsXaml type provider, that gets rid of a lot of clunk