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Dec 2017
Jeremy Koritzinsky
Dec 21 2017 05:52
@kekekeks @grokys can one of you take a look at #1331 when you have a chance? It fixes our Appveyor builds and also does some refactoring in the process.
Nikita Tsukanov
Dec 21 2017 06:39
Can we still target net461? .NET 4.7 has tons of issues on Win7
Installer doesn't check for the availability of some system components, so user is left with non-functional WPF (missing entry points/libraries, etc)
Dec 21 2017 06:40
For Fuck Sakes Microsoft...
Sorry, it felt relevant.
Nikita Tsukanov
Dec 21 2017 06:52
Oh, it's just unit tests and test apps that are retargeted
it's ok then
Dec 21 2017 15:15
good afternoon!