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Feb 2018
Steven Kirk
Feb 21 2018 00:52
i don't think there's been anything pushed to master since the last release
Jeremy Koritzinsky
Feb 21 2018 01:36
Did we update the version for CI builds after the release?
Sergey Khabibullin
Feb 21 2018 09:31
Hey guys! Congrats on Beta release!

Abstract question:
How would you design a chat view? I specifically mean the area where messages are rendered (something similar to Gitter). Would ListBox plus ReactiveList do it? I think they would, but just wanted to hear your opinion before I start coding.

Requirements are:

  • Dealing with hundreds (in exceptional cases thousands) messages in ReactiveList.
  • Tracking of messages, edits, deletes.
  • Fast navigation within the view from message to message with hyperlinks
  • Content rendering (images, text, custom controls)
  • ???
Feb 21 2018 10:03
@x2bool i think listbix would work, it suports virtualization so it only renders the controls visible on the screen, and only access the parts of the list it needs to.
Content editing, edits, deletes I guess if you have a nice data template in your list box for your messages it should all work quite nicely
Your navigation, if you simply bind select item to a Selected Message property on your view model
And your Message that wants to link to it sets that when use clicks on it, navigation would be instant
Steven Kirk
Feb 21 2018 10:37
@Insire no, no SVG support yet. i'd like SVG support though
@jkoritzinsky no, i think we still need to do that
Sergey Khabibullin
Feb 21 2018 12:38
@danwalmsley Thanks
Need some help with styling TabStrip:
Sergey Khabibullin
Feb 21 2018 12:45

Could not figure out how to set background for TabStrip

<Style Selector="TabControl TabStrip">

This sets background for the TabStrip element, but something everrides it since it stays white. But at the same time the selector for TabStripItem sets background for items just fine. Any ideas?

Steven Kirk
Feb 21 2018 13:09
@x2bool yep, TabControl has problems with styling (and various other things) unfortunately. I think we need to remove the control
it's best to use a separate TabStrip and Carousel control for the moment
if you do want to persevere with TabControl you can hover over property names in the devtools to see what is causing a property to be set
Sergey Khabibullin
Feb 21 2018 13:29
Thanks! I will use the TabStrip and Carousel controls
Nikita Tsukanov
Feb 21 2018 15:53

Dealing with hundreds (in exceptional cases thousands) messages in ReactiveList.

As long as your messages are relatively tiny (read fit into the screen) our list virtualization should work completely fine

Unfortunately ListBox doesn't support smooth scrolling in virtualized mode
You might need a custom list control without scrollbars (only mouse wheel and arrows, no precise scroll thumb) to support smooth scrolling and virtualization