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Mar 2018
Matthijs ter Woord
Mar 26 2018 06:11
@Igor_Gritsenko_twitter See
I use it to pick a color for a led strip (i'm working on an iot like project)
Igor Gritsenko
Mar 26 2018 17:44
@mterwoord thanks
Igor Gritsenko
Mar 26 2018 18:03
what difference between paml and xaml in avalonia?
Mar 26 2018 18:09
paml used to be when the project was known as Perspex
and the earlier version of the previewer relied on different extension to work correctly
otherwise visual studio would try to use wpf previewer
basically no difference now, you should use xaml
Igor Gritsenko
Mar 26 2018 18:15
oh... ok
and is there any way to precompile avalonia xaml?
Mar 26 2018 18:24
not yet
it has to be parsed at runtime
its pretty quick though now
it used to be way slower
im sure it must be possible to integrate Portable.Xaml with some kind of roslyn code generator
Igor Gritsenko
Mar 26 2018 19:11
yeah... previous version was noticeably slower than now...