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Mar 2018
William Humphreys
Mar 27 2018 15:18
Are there any good small simple Avalonia MVVC examples just so I can get a feel of how its scafolded togeather. I can feel another little app coming on.
Matthijs ter Woord
Mar 27 2018 16:08
mvvm you mean?
Mar 27 2018 16:16
I think Pizzalonia might be the best bet
William Humphreys
Mar 27 2018 16:27
@mterwoord Yes my mong fingers strike again..
@danwalmsley Cheers
Steven Kirk
Mar 27 2018 18:14
@WHumphreys if you have any ideas for things you'd like adding to pizzalonia, let me know
it's still very much a work in progress!
like the whole of avalonia really ;)
William Humphreys
Mar 27 2018 21:10
no worrys
What I think is required really is an app that demos lots of avalonia functionality (with lots of comments) even if from a coding perspective it looks a bit daft.
Mar 27 2018 21:48
I'd like that.
Has anyone started making avalonia tutorials yet? I think I saw someone in this chat a while ago that were going to make youtube tutorials or something.
Mar 27 2018 21:58
On the Avalonia front page:
The "quickstart guide" link returns 404. I think it's supposed to lead here: