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Mar 2018
Steven Kirk
Mar 28 2018 07:26
@AWulkan yeah it's already fixed AvaloniaUI/ but the only person able to update the website currently has been too busy recently
Mar 28 2018 08:18
Matthijs ter Woord
Mar 28 2018 10:16
cool. avalonia is featured in dotnetpro!
Daniel Lerch
Mar 28 2018 10:57
Is there any documentation on the various fundamental controls of Avalonia (e.g. Grid, Panel, etc.) or should I take a look at the equivalent controls of WPF?
William Humphreys
Mar 28 2018 12:13
@grokys Ive just downloaded the pizzalonia code and noticed the nugets are for the alpha version. They updated to the beta fine but the views crash "Designer process crashed" the app still compiles and runs though. This could probably all do with fixing and updating the app.
Mar 28 2018 19:03
@daniel-lerch we have very limited documentation
For those kind of controls any guides, tutorials or documentation for wpf will be very similar if not the same.
William Humphreys
Mar 28 2018 22:42
Does Avelonia have drag and drop capability. Say a vertically aligned set of Textblocks (menu type thing) that can be dragged to a different grid block.