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Apr 2018
Apr 09 2018 01:29
Their tables are mobile gore
Apr 09 2018 02:24
I want to add ink support
I want to add GeometryGroup support.
Apr 09 2018 06:20
@danwalmsley I'm primarily use monodevelop, is that going to cause any issues changing to .netstandard? it seemed to run the basic hello word avalonia project fine...
I guess I could try out avalonia studio again too
*I primarily use
@Krutonium yeah I origionaly tried to open it on my phone and was like... wtf.
Apr 09 2018 07:21
to answer my own question about uwp flyouts it is very simple in Avalonia <ToggleButton IsChecked="{Binding #flyout.IsOpen, Mode=TwoWay}" ClickMode="Press"> settings </ToggleButton> <Popup Name="flyout" StaysOpen="False" Width="400" Height="600" > <TextBlock>stuff</TextBlock> </Popup>
Apr 09 2018 16:55
@GSTQ looks like your. Xaml.cs file. Isn't set to compile
See the properties for that file in Visual studio
Also the xaml file should be embedded resource, no msbuild action see properties also
All of the issue should be resolved by making changes csproj file only.
@grokys looks like this issue is due to sample project explicitly setting which files are compile. Included I'll push a fix for it unless there was a reason for that?
Apr 09 2018 16:58
@danwalmsley thank you
James Burnside
Apr 09 2018 17:31
is there a way to bind to when a user press enter on a textbox that doesn't accept return?
Steven Kirk
Apr 09 2018 22:18
sorry @danwalmsley not sure what you mean - seems the fail-example repo is no longer there