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May 2018
May 01 2018 02:39
@danwalmsley @grokys I find some bugs in the WPF Grid layout. I didn't even find it out before I tried to write our own GridLayout.
I'm writing document comment and trying to improve the performance of our own GridLayout.
@lindexi and I write it together.
Jeremy Koritzinsky
May 01 2018 03:17
@walterlv just to confirm, none of the code in your PR came from the WPF source and you didn’t copy and reimplement their algorithms + bug fixes correct? It’s a completely clean-room implementation?
May 01 2018 03:38
@jkoritzinsky Even I've read the layout code of Avalonia and WPF, My friend @lindexi and I still have discussed and figure out the whole new layout algorithm which is totally different from the existed ones.
So, please rest assured!
Jeremy Koritzinsky
May 01 2018 03:39
Perfect 👌
Just wanted to make sure we wouldn't have legal issues.
May 01 2018 03:40
I understand that
May 01 2018 04:13
@jkoritzinsky Can we discuss some behaviors of the new Grid Layout? See here:
Jeremy Koritzinsky
May 01 2018 04:14
I'm actually getting ready for bed. It's almost midnight here and I just got back from traveling today. Toss some comments on the PR and I'll take a look when I have time!
May 01 2018 04:15
OK! Good night!
May 01 2018 07:47
@walterlv are all the unit tests passing?
I'll try your branch with Avalon Studio which has quite a large visual tree and lots of grids
See if everything still works
May 01 2018 07:49
@danwalmsley Unfortunately, there was only one unit test for Grid. But other unit tests passed.
I'm writing more unit test for the Grid layout
And I'm making them all pass.
@danwalmsley I'm afraid that the grid still has some bugs and I'm fixing it.
I recommended you to try it hours later.
May 01 2018 07:57
May 01 2018 07:59
Good! ^_^
May 01 2018 08:45
@grokys iv finally found a repro and the cause of AvaloniaUI/Avalonia#1326
when the binding fails to update the selecteditem on the data context
AvalonStudio Warning: 0 : Binding: Error in binding to "Avalonia.Controls.TreeView"."SelectedItem": "Could not convert 'AvalonStudio.Controls.Standard.SolutionExplorer.SolutionFolderViewModel' to 'ProjectItemViewModel'."
then this selection issue happens
I think I could fix it, but id like to know if you think warnings like this should or shouldn't affect if the control itself continues to function correctly?
May 01 2018 09:16
@danwalmsley The performance test result is posted in the pr
How to test the GC performance?
Sergey Khabibullin
May 01 2018 15:18

Hey! Does anyone know how to make Images with round corners (circle masked image)?

    IsVisible="{Binding HasAvatar}"
        <ImageBrush Source="{Binding Avatar}" />

I came up with this. But it renders only top-left quarter of the image (no matter what is the size of the original image). Any ideas how to fix this?

Benedikt Stebner
May 01 2018 16:43
Is the resm scheme the only way to access embedded resources? I have to figure out how we can define typefaces in xaml. Currently I just point to single ttf file
Jeremy Koritzinsky
May 01 2018 16:54
Currently yes. There's discussion of creating a new scheme that supports "directories" in the main Custom Fonts issue.