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Aug 2018
Aug 09 2018 11:20
I dont know, must it be a window or not? Maybe popup?
Jeremy Koritzinsky
Aug 09 2018 12:33
It should probably be a Window if it's a modal dialog.
Aug 09 2018 12:34
Has windows api to set parent (and position on owner center)?.. I try to do it year ago, not found and drop =)
Aug 09 2018 20:28
Guys, a super fast and simple question (which for some reason is not highlighted in manual): how to throw propertyChanged notification in a nice and smooth rx way? There should be ReactiveProperty<T>, but intellisence is not showing it up
Aug 09 2018 20:32
derive from ReactiveObject
and using Reactiveui
Aug 09 2018 20:42
Thanks, works fine. I'd add that to the manual, if i were you )