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Aug 2018
Aug 12 2018 05:56
from an async method it had to be:

Task<TResult> result;
await Dispatcher.UiThread.InvokeAsync(() => result = dialog.ShowDialog<TResult>()));
return result;
Wiesław Šoltés
Aug 12 2018 08:38

You should also be able to use !! right?

@grokys This was some old code ported from WPF, where do I put !! : !!$self.DataContextor $self.!!DataContext?

Steven Kirk
Aug 12 2018 10:26
@wieslawsoltes i think the first
there were some PRs around this recently from @jkoritzinsky that I think changed the syntax to the first as it makes more sense
Aug 12 2018 12:40
Hi, another question - is there any custom magic necessary to display a dialog on OSX?
Nelson Carrillo
Aug 12 2018 16:24
If it works on Windows it should “just work” on a Mac, if not it’s a bug
Aug 12 2018 16:32
I assume it's using Mono.Mac? Or is there another backend?
Ok scratch that question, I'm using platform detect, so I'm using Mono.Mac
Aug 12 2018 16:37
then if that's the case, then this code below looks suspect:
            //TODO: Investigate how to return immediately. 
            // May be add some magic to our run loop or something
            return new ModalDisposable(this);
it's from WindowImpl in Mono.Mac
Nelson Carrillo
Aug 12 2018 19:06
Yeah it seems like a bug then, yes. We’re in the process of replacing MonoMac
Aug 12 2018 19:09
oh, cool - because there are several other bugs... i.e. windows don't triggering close
Any info on ETA?