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Aug 2018
Aug 28 2018 04:17
how to use avalonia to develop android app?or ios
Sergey Khabibullin
Aug 28 2018 04:35


 <Ellipse Height="100" Width="100">
        <ImageBrush Stretch="UniformToFill" Source="YourImage.png"/>

Yep. I tried that too. Something tells me there is a bug in image scaling.

Benedikt Schroeder
Aug 28 2018 09:51
This worked for me....
Tonghua Li
Aug 28 2018 15:23
Jeremy Koritzinsky
Aug 28 2018 15:27
Yeah CharacterReader is a mutable struct for performance reasons so we need to pass it by reference.
Tonghua Li
Aug 28 2018 15:30