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Nov 2018
Matthew Moloney
Nov 04 2018 01:05 UTC
Hi folks, I love your work!! It looks amazing.
Nov 04 2018 03:47 UTC
is there something like ItemContainerStyle?
Sergey Khabibullin
Nov 04 2018 11:18 UTC
If anyone is interested I've built a custom MSBuild task and dotnet cli tool for bundling macOS .app packages:
Juan Blanco
Nov 04 2018 13:30 UTC
Quick question, is copy and paste working on the mac? or is it me
Juan Blanco
Nov 04 2018 13:52 UTC
works on the wasabi wallet so it is me :)
fyi ^ if anyone is interested
Benedikt Stebner
Nov 04 2018 18:43 UTC
What is that new Avalonia.csproj under Packages? Visual Studio tries to build it but that fails.
Nov 04 2018 18:50 UTC
Hi, I am blocked with a silly problem. I have a viewmodel which contains a property string[] Suggestions and in the view i want to have one Button for each suggestion, what works great with this:
          <ItemsControl Items="{Binding Suggestions}">
                <StackPanel Orientation ="Horizontal" Spacing="2"/>
                <Button Content="{Binding}"  />
the problem is I want that when I click on any of those buttons, that action execute a method in my viewmodel. I've tried with this but it seems in Avalonia this doesn't work. Could you give me a clue, please?
Nov 04 2018 18:57 UTC
Forget it. This question was already answered in this chat before:
Command="{Binding $parent[ItemsControl].DataContext.OnStoryClicked}"
Nov 04 2018 18:59 UTC
this is such a common pattern that I wonder if there could be some extra sugar for this. $dataParent ?
Nov 04 2018 22:07 UTC
Hey all, I had a quick question. Does anyone foresee any issues if I create a project initially in Visual Studio using the Avalonia plugin but then actually do my coding and such in Rider, then I guess maybe actually build in VS if I need to? I just like Rider a lot better and all my different configurations I have setup in there already and things of that nature.
Benedikt Stebner
Nov 04 2018 22:27 UTC
The Avalonia plugin just gives you designer support and debugging tools for Visual Studio so you should be able to just use Rider for everything.
Nov 04 2018 23:32 UTC
Ok, very good. Thanks, I appreciate it.