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Nov 2018
Nov 17 2018 04:30
Why is this tooltip blank?
<Button Width="73" Height="30" Content="{Binding Label}" Command="{Binding SelectPokemonCommand}"
                    Background="Black" BorderThickness="4" Foreground="White"
                    FontSize="16" FontFamily="resm:Kermalis.PokemonBattleEngineClient.Assets.Fonts?assembly=PokemonBattleEngineClient#Pokémon B/W">
                <TextBlock Text="abcd"/>
And can I have a tooltip activate when the button is disabled?
Nov 17 2018 05:06
It seems to take the size of the text that would be there into account, it gets larger when I add more text, but it's just blank for some reason.
Nov 17 2018 06:20
I suspect it is white text on a white background
Nov 17 2018 06:22
you're right, setting foreground to black fixed it
why was it white?
Nov 17 2018 06:29
foreground was passed down from button, not sure why background wasn't. I tend to put an explicit textblock in buttons and set font stuff there
Steven Kirk
Nov 17 2018 10:07
Ah that might be related to @wieslawsoltes recent theming changes