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Nov 2018
Nov 25 2018 12:51
just doing a bit of 2d game development using AvalonStudio :)
Nikita Tsukanov
Nov 25 2018 12:53
Checkout the latest version from git, it has a nice animation for the main hero
@kekekeks I'm gradually working through all the issues you had the other day
This should now contain project-relative path to the xaml file
For relative resource uris to work
e. g. /Views/MyView.xml
Nov 25 2018 13:27
what will I use that for?
Nov 25 2018 13:33
@wieslawsoltes wieslawsoltes/Dock#83
Wiesław Šoltés
Nov 25 2018 13:37
will merge after CI passes
Nikita Tsukanov
Nov 25 2018 14:00
@danwalmsley AS should send that path to previewer
Support for relative resource uris is merged
You can now use ../dir/res.jpg
See the current control catalog
It uses /-rooted paths, but still