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Dec 2018
Joshua Davis
Dec 12 2018 20:56

Two questions...

1) do I change the 'chrome' color of the window in MacOS (e.g. the header where the close, min and max buttons are)?

2) can I add custom menu items to the top menu in MacOS? I realize I could create my own app menu inside the Application window, but just wanted to check. Also the Control+Q highlights the system menu when pressed, but doesn't actually close the app. Any pointers?

Dec 12 2018 21:09
2) is currently under developmebt
1) is not officially supported but I did add an api to the osx backend to do this and you can call it like this...
Control Q, you would have to add a keygesture to your app to handle that to close the app
Joshua Davis
Dec 12 2018 21:13
@danwalmsley thanks!